Win a Womans Heart with Mind Control

Win a Womans Heart with Mind Control
so, how to change a womans mind about you ?

Be cognizant of how hormones can interact with a woman’s mood. Be aware that the womans hormone levels can affect her energy and mood; however, don’t be rude and ask or assume a woman’s choices are completly based on her hormones. Always be very respectful and openly ask her how she came about her decision.
If you know her well enough, understand that progesterone levels can have calming effects and usually rise round about a week after ovulation. Testosterone and estrogen levels are much higher during ovulation and can cause a woman to have more energy and her mood to be on the sassier side.
When progesterone is withdrawn from the body, women can easily be irritated. Similarly, her mood can be negatively affected 12-24 hours before her period starts.
Control your all your non-verbal cues. Studies have shown that women are able to read your nonverbal cues, such as facial expression and tone of voice, better than men. Be genuine in the emotions you’re trying to convey and you will have a better chance in changing her mind. You may not realize it but your body language may give off any ulterior motives you may have.

Do not physically or verbally get aggressive. Using intimidation, either physical or verbal, is wrong and abusive. If any thoughts of this nature creep into your mind, remove yourself from the situation and consult a professional!
While you are allowed to get angry, research has shown that women will act to nullify the threat that you’re presenting through manipulation. Just because you get the response you’re looking for, doesn’t mean that she is being sincere. Anger and aggression should be avoided.

Lower the stress in her life. Studies have shown that women are more sensitive to stress and anxiety. If she is already stressed over another aspect in her life, it may not be the best time to add another source of stress with your appeal to change her mind. Understand how she responds to anxiety

Don’t become unresponsive or stonewall her. A negative response may sometimes be better than no response because women will at least know that you’re engaged and invested emotionally. Women are sensitive to interpersonal cues so blank expressions or being stonewalled can escalate an already negative situation

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