NoFap 30 Days: The guaranteed Benefits

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NoFap 30 Days: The guaranteed Benefits

so the main problem with the nofap benefits and especially, with the 30 day nofap challenge benefits is, that not all benefits are guaranteed, some are possible, but there are also some guaranteed benefits.

so you will be a get more self-discipline.
so you know, that it is sometimes the better way, to say no to something you would like to have. thats a huge advantage, when it comes to the nofap topic, cause your mind is your biggest enemy. you have to control yourself and have to say no, to the dopamin-kick you could get without work.

you will also realise, that you will be more confident:
a lot of people say, that they feel more confident, than they ever felt before, they feel like a completly different person, like a new person, the get the confidence to approach people, generally talk to people etc.
some guys also say, that they start taking to girls but they are generally are not the kind of guy, thats confident enough for that.
increased energy and testosterone
so when it comes to hormones, i have to say, that testosterone, is the by far most important hormone for men. there are really a lot of testosterone benefits, like healthier heart and healthier blood. more muscles and some others. aaand last but not least, more sex drive.
and like you already guess, testosterone raises up after not ejaculating.
nofap also massivley increases you energy levels, a lot of people have to drink energy drinks etc. just to stay awake for some hours, some even say that, after nofap they doesnt even need the morning coffee before going to work you literally have energy for everything for example the energy for lifting weights or the energy for working hard etc. you will feel an overall vitality that you never had before. you will wake up in the morning with more energy and end the day you will feeling satisfied.

clear mind
a lot of guys, realise, that some days after nofap, their mind gets clearer, they excatly know, what they want in life, their is more of this situations you feel like you dont know how to think and how to structure your thoughts anymore. it is also the case, that a lot of people report a increase in memory and their cognitive functions. and what also comes with the clear mind, is the positivity, you can ban alot of negative thoughts out of your brain.
you are able to focus on the things, that really matter, instead of having problems with your concentraion level etc. this lasersharp focus helps you to achieve more when it comes to be successful in your job or be successful at sports or your other hobbies.
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so like you have noticed, there are a lot of benefits, nofap can give you, especially if you are doing it for 30 days or even longer. if you are sceptical, thats not a problem, but their is nothing, you have to loose, so in my opinion, it is worth, giving it a try. so i hope you liked this video and would be happy if you would subscribe me or give me a thumb up. see you i nthe next video bye.

NoFap 30 Days: The guaranteed Benefits
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