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so we all know this one guy, that looks like james dean that has this wonderful charisma, becaus eof his body language, even if he says nothing, everyone knows, that he is confident, likes hisself etc. james dean style

so the first important thing, you have to master, if you would like to have this very cool body language, all the cool actors etc. have is to make eye contact.

but not too much. too much eye contact is also bad, like not enough eye contact. if you make too much eye contact, it maybe makes people think, that you are rude or something like that.

so what could be the right balance for eye contact ? as a general rule, you could think of making 30-60% eye contact during the time of a conversation with a person, this will create something like a comfortable and productive atmosphere for everyone involved in the conversation,

also remember to use more eye contact when your are listening, than when you are speaking.

next really important thing, when it come to body language, like you maybe already guess,
use your hands. yes, you can use them even if you are doing nofap.

using your hands will improve your speech dramatical. people, listening to your talk or speech will have the feeling, that the stuff you say, is very meaningful and has a deeper message.

it really keeps the listener engaged. its not always your words, that activates the listener, sometimes its the stuff between the lines. and it looks always better, than having your hands in your pcokets, like a shy elementary school guy.

the way you sit or stand triggers changes in the chemistry in your body. no joke.
if your pose looks open and confident, people also start responding in a better way to your speech etc. if you have the goal to feel more dominant confident in a conversation, you have to take a better pose before the conversation starts. some people say, that you should have to stand like wonder woman stands. or as a guy, like james dean stands.
keep smiling
everybody made this experience, when you smile, people will treat you differently. you will automatically viewed in an other way than before. people will find you more attractive, relaxed, confident etc. but dont smile too often, if you are running around, like a too funny guy, people will think that you are naiv and stuff like that

you also have to stand tall, and dont be afraid to take up the space, you need. keep your shoulders back and your head high. these are the basics, i know. but the basics are really important. but sometimes you are not stand, you are sitting, what to do in this case ?
try to put both feet flat on the floor, also widening your arms away from your body, or try to hooking one elbow on the back of your chair.
hope you like this video and tips with body language to attract women, and that you learned, how to attract women with body language
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