How to flirt with beautiful Women


daygame, how to, flirt, attract, meet, pickup, women, pua, infield, london, approach, number close, kiss close, sexual, flirting, touching, attraction, pick up artist, dating, date, beautiful women……… How to flirt with beautiful Women number one Start off by smiling at her. Then, pick your strategy. If you don’t know her, start off by asking her name. Pay her a compliment. “That shirt is a great color on you” or “I couldn’t help noticing the way that necklace really brings out your eyes.” Set up a conversation starter without talking to her. For instance, if she’s wearing a shirt with the logo of a great band on it, and you have some of that band’s music on your audio device, then put your earbuds on and slightly turn the iPod screen toward her so that she can see what’s playing. Who knows–she might actually start a conversation with you. number two Make the first move whilst ensuring you’re confident of success. Truthfully, most girls want guys to make the first move, so think of a great question to ask her. Even if you don’t feel confident at first, you’ll definitely get more comfortable when she responds to you. Again, if you know her, then ask her something that encourages her to talk. “What did you do this weekend?” or “How did you do on that project?” are both easy openers. If you’re feeling really confident, be more direct. You can say something like, “I was looking for the stars last night, but I couldn’t find them, because they are in your eyes.” Or you could say, “I must be a snowflake because I’ve fallen for you.” Openers are all about delivery. If you’re going with a casual opening question, then deliver it with confidence and look like you’re really interested in what she has to say. If you’re going with the direct approach, then deliver it boldly. Give her a big smile and make good eye contact, and laugh a little bit if she does. number three Watch how she’s reacted to you so far. If she seems interested in you, she’ll turn her body toward you, make good eye contact and smile back at you. If she’s not interested, she’ll turn away or look over her shoulder at you, and she might roll her eyes or look down her nose at you. Girls can be complicated! If she likes you back and doesn’t want to admit it, or is too shy she may look down, giggle, not answer your questions (or say things like, “it’s up to you”), or blushes (a dead giveaway). Also, she could be playing hard-to-get, and in that case, try to say things that might open her up. Keep flirting with her if all signs point to “yes.” Show her that you’re interested, too. Lean slightly toward her, turn toward her and maybe tilt your head slightly to one side. Give her a disarming smile. number four Talk about her interests. Learn what she likes and encourage her to discuss the subjects that she feels passionate about. Avoid interrupting her while she’s talking. Constant interruption is a major turnoff because it makes you look like you only care about yourself. Start a flirtatious argument with her. For instance, if she loves the Yankees and you love the Red Sox, then you can tease her about the rivalry. You’ll both love to banter back and forth. However, never start a serious argument with her with anything serious such as politics or religion, that’s a big “no.”