The Law of Attraction explained on Conor McGregor

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The Law of Attraction explained on Conor McGregor
so your whole life is full of situations, that are all linked to influences, if they are positive and if they are negative. the important thing is, that you have to choose whisely, when it comes to where you should set the focus on.

Conor McGregor optimized everything that sorrounds him, every influence to have a higher chance to succeed

Conor McGregor said, that he always visualised good things, like: victory success and abundance

you have to reduce the contact with things, people, events etc. that are not positive and surround yourself with postiveminded persons

like a lot of you already know, you are a product of the people surrounding you, a product of your complete enviroment

The Law of Attraction gives you the abilitay to choose, which way you would like to follow, which future you would like to create.

attract more positive events to your life, by simply thinking more positive
start recognizing your own thoughts, start to bring awarness in to your life. also remove negative thoughts out of your brain.

start to visualize your dreams as strong, as they are already reality the have to be as clear as the reality, thats when The Law of Attraction sets in.
but never forget to be grateful for everything you already have
implement a abundance mindset to your life. there is enough of everything for you in life.

but it is not only about vizualising its is also about working on your dreams, but the step of vizualisng helps you to see your dreams goals etc. much clearer in the moment. but the most important thing, is to take constantely action or in the words of Wallace D. Wattles:
“Do, every day, ALL that can be done that day.”

if your realize that because of vizualising your goals, every step of work feels effortless, you will understand, how easy it might seem to reach big goals and have fun while doing it.
yes, it is really about doing the work, bu the good thing is, that you not always to push yourself to do the work, its more like you will get pulled to. like i said, work becomes effortless. you will always stay on the path, because of you clear picture of the future, that shows you the way, everytime you dont know, where you have to go next, everytime, you dont know, whats the next step on your way.
thats the law of attraction. i hope you like my video about this topic, and would be happy, if you would subscribe me. see you in the next video. bye.
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The Law of Attraction explained on Conor McGregor

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