Sell Me This Pen – The Official Best Answer

Sell Me This Pen – The Official Best Answer

The Course, that helped me a lot:

so everyone of us, knows the famous movie “wolf of wallstree” end especially the “sell me this pen scene. the scene where jordan belford asks a person to sell him this pen. he wants to know if there person is able to create a desire in the potential customer and if the person is able to make a sale. Sell Me This Pen – The Official Best Answer

so what sales skills you will need to succeed in a situation like this, at first i have to say, that there are 4 main sales skills.
so here are the first sales skills and what you have been able to

1.they want to see how well you gather information.

2. how well you respond to information.

3. how you deliver information.

4. how you ask for something, or how you close.
1.You find out how they last used the pen, tell a lot about the importance of the activity they last used the pen for, so the first question should be, when was the last time you used a pen?.
this is the first step, the step you gather information about the customer. the answer maybe would be, this morning, was the last time i used a pen. sell me this pen

2. so, after getting the information, the next step is, how well you respond to this information.
so the first thing you know, is that the person frequently uses a pen, so in other words, its a potential customer.
so ask more specifically, do you know, what kind of pen it was ?
he maybe says no. this means that it is not important for him, what pen he uses.
so you found something like a gap, something like a gap, of not beeing interested which pen he uses, fill this gap with the pen. ask, why you where using it.
he will respond with something like, i was signing a contract with a important customer.
after that using the pen was literally really important, draw a picture with emotions.
would you say, signing a contract with an important customer is not important for your business ? how to sell a pen sell me this pen

3. yes it is, thats why this event should be treated like something important. so this one here is the special pen for important events. this one is your tool, it is you weapon when it comes to get deals done and get new customers. sell me this pen
so with this you are rasing the value of this pen and you also created a emotional situation.
after you have been successfull in delivering information, its time to finally close the deal.

4. so the best time to buy this pen is right now, it is limited only. sell me this pen example
the sales of this pen are amazing. i think, that we are out of stock, for the next months
maybe give him also a moneyback guarantee etc.
so playing on the emotion, this pen will bring is really important
humans often think, that they are only maing rational decisions, but most of the time, the decisions are very emoitional sell me this pen answer
so with this 4 steps you are good to go, to get the sale done. sale me this pen best answer to sell me this pen interview question convince me to buy this pen sell me this pen best answer
sell this pen to me sell me this pen

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